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Dust mite Proof Encasings

Dyn'R dust mite proof bedding encasings: effectiveness, harmlessness and comfort for allergic people.

ECARF quality testedOEKO-TEST Controle de substances indesirable Evolon

Dyn'R dust mite proof encasings are made of Evolon®100PS, a high technology micro fibre textile, and undergo no chemical treatment. The touch is pleasant. Material is warm in winter and fresh in summer. All encasings (mattress, duvet, pillow or bolster) cover completely each equipment and the zipper is protected by a flap for a complete protection against dust mite allergens. With a weight of 100g/m², the bedding will be fit out with extremely effective dust mite proof encasings for an optimal comfort of use. As Dyn'R encasings are so light, they may be used as travel allergy prevention bedding.
The Dyn’R dust mite proof encasing has a 10 years or 50 washings guarantee (60°C to 95°C).
We advise to wash the linen zipper done up. May be tumbled dry and cool ironed.
Dyn’R dust mite proof encasings are made in France.

Dyn'R uses a fabric reference which provides a certified protection against dust mites. Dyn'R uses Evolon® fabric for the manufacturing of dust mite proof bedding encasings. Evolon® has received in 2008 the European Center for Allergy Research Foundation quality label.

Coupe du tissus Evolon

The manufacture process of Evolon®100PS fabric is patented and it's dust mite proof properties are exceptional. The filtration capacity for dust mite allergens has been validated by the:

  • Forschinginstitut Hohenstein (Germany)
  • Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets at Gelsenkirchen (Germany)
  • Deutsche Montan Technologie GmbH (Germany)
  • IBT Reference Laboratory (USA)
  • IFTH - Institut Français du Textile Habillement (France)
  • For the Deutsche Montan Technologie GmbH, Evolon® fulfils the German label TÜV NORD criterions concerning linen and encasings for allergic people.
  • The dust mite covers are guaranteed without any chemical treatment.

    No chemical treatment is used during or after the manufacturing process. The barrier againt allergens is total, natural and safe. Evolon® has been granted the Oeko-Tex mark (standard 100, product class 1), which certifies it is free of harmful substances and suitable for contact with baby skin.

    Keep away from dust mites but stay comfortable!

    Without coating, Evolon®100PS (used by Dyn'R) is very light, soft, pleasant and silent. The fabric goes through a calendering process which is important to avoid fluffy balls and guarantee solidity. Thanks to its microporous structure, Evolon®100PS is also much more breathable. Humidity produced by the perspiration during the night is absorbed and cleared very quickly by capillarity. Sweat circulates through the micro air channels. Bedding stays dry and cosy. Comfort and respirability have been validated by the Forschungsinstitut Hohenstein (Germany) through independent tests.
    Evolon® is made in France.